Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships

The traditional fun sport of Mobilephone Throwing takes a break at the moment.

 We are making plans with local actors for the future.  

Mobile Phone Throwing is light and modern Finnish sport that suits for people of all ages. 
It combines recycling philosophy and fun spirit in active sport. A part of the philosophy is 
also a spiritual freedom from being available all the time. 

Why do people throw it? 

Finland is known as the home country of the mobile phones and Finns have always been very fashion-conscious about the phones. 

Mobile phone is an essential part of us that connects us to nearly anywhere in the world 
but when you most need it the battery runs out or your sweetheart doesn’t answer or some 
one doesn’t return your call. Hope, anticipation, passion and frustration concentrates on 
mobile phone.   

What happens to the old mobile phones? 

For example the battery is toxic and must be handled properly.  But before mobile phones become toxic waste they can be recycled in sport activities ie. in 
Mobile Phone Throwing, the only sport where  you can pay back all the frustrations and 
disappointments caused by these modern equipments. 


The equipment
The mobile phones used at the Championships are original phones with batteries. 
Competitors can use only the  phones provided by Fennolingua. Some competitors have 
wanted to throw their own phones as far as possible but that is against the rules. Competitors can choose the phone that fits best to his/her hand or looks the nicest. There are clearly two parties in this; some 
believe that the heavier phones flies further  than lighter ones and others think just the 

Mobile Phone Throwing as a phenomenon speaks to people and interests people all over 
the world. The mobile phone is an amazing invention that makes the distances shorter and 
makes people available anywhere and anytime. Humour connects people globally and is 
also part of this sport. The  children are thrilled  since they are allowed to throw these expensive phones.