The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships has been  arranged every year since 
year 2000 in Savonlinna in late August. All the international interest on the Championships 
has now led to official national championships all over Europe. First national 
championships was organized in Trondheim, Norway in June, 2004. The first prize was a 
trip to the World Championships to Savonlinna, Finland. Giving his best the Norwegian 
thrower lost to the Finnish throwers and became 6th.

In February 2005 there was the first winter championships in Stoos, Switzerland. The 
winners from both Freestyle and Original categories won trips to the World Championships 
to Savonlinna. The first German championships was arranged in June 2005 in Nothern Germany. The 
winners won also trips to Savonlinna.

Mobile Phone Throwing became a hit when first arranged in year 2000 in Savonlinna. 
Organizer was a translation and interpretation company Fennolingua. It’s multinational 
personnel and many carneval spirited athletics threw away their frustrations along with the 
mobile phones. Local recycling center was a partner and they collected all the toxic waste 
and people could also buy a new mobile phone at the Championships. The first prize was 
of course a new mobile phone. Throwers and international media were immediately very 
interested and every year the Championships gather a wide range of nationalities to 
Savonlinna to throw the mobile phones or to report from the Championships.